TRI ROTTERDAM - Sprint individual
Minimum 13 years old

Information Emergency Contactperson

In order to help you properly in an emergency, we ask you to fill in the information below.

For TRI HARD Series, saving on safety and help during our races is not an option. That is why we are continue working together with Safe-iD this year for our bib numbers. We also like to give you the opportunity to feel safer when not racing. Take advantage of this special offer: A Watch Tag including a year's subscription for only € 9.99 (retail value: € 15.94).

*The subscription ends automatically after 1 year.


As an athlete you undoubtedly know how nice it is when a competition is well organised. For that enthusiastic volunteers are highly needed! Volunteers are indispensable in our organization: without them we are nowhere! It is extra nice that you can combine a race as a participant with being a volunteer. By registering yourself (or someone else) as a volunteer, you will receive (a part of) your registration fee back. As a volunteer you are expected all day. The times depend on the place where you are assigned.

Volunteer duties may include:
- Set up and dress up the race location (day before the race)
- Help at the registration desk
- Directing traffic in the right direction
- Manning the aid stations
- Manning the transition area

Yes, I would like to recoup up to €50 of my entry fee by volunteering for the following TRI HARD Series competition:

Mandatory Products

Optional Products

During TRI ROTTERDAM, a KiKathlon will be organized. By organizing the KiKathlon, TRI HARD would like to contribute to research into childhood cancer. If you also want to contribute, you can! Below you can make a donation to KiKa so that more research can be done into childhood cancer. Your contribution is appreciated!

Unit price 1€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 100)


Do you want to start a triathlon with even more confidence? TRI HARD offers multiple clinics in collaboration with Tri2one Coaching. From the beginner who would like to learn the basic technique of a triathlon to the experienced routine who just wants to improve those last percentages towards an even faster time. The trainers of Tri2one Coaching have the knowledge and experience to 'deliver' you well at the start of your race. 

On this page (only in Dutch) you can read the most important information about the offer of TRI HARD Series in collaboration with Tri2one Coaching.

Cancellation option

During registration you can buy a cancellation option. This option works on a “money back, no questions asked” base. The cancellation option costs €10. Only with this option you can apply for a refund according to the following scheme. The refund scheme only applies to the registration fee*.

– In case of cancellation up to 3 months before the event, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded
– In case of cancellation up to 1 month before the event, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded
– In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the event, 20% of the registration fee will be refunded

* In case of cancellation up to 1 week before the event, 100% of chip rental, bicycle rental, wetsuit rental, bib number belt and license costs will be refunded.